Branding is a form of marketing that focuses on the image of my boutique, leading to greater positioning in the marketplace. As opposed to direct response marketing that elicits an immediate response – such as a coupon – branding focuses instead on the “feel” of your business. Think of some of the largest retailers – Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. These retailers take a solid approach at branding themselves and establishing a reputation in the retail sphere. Heels and Dresses boutique should and will practice the same branding principles no matter how large or small we are. It took some time for me to decide on the best company re-branding strategy for

Digital Presence

digital presence for rebranding strategy imageMy boutique – no matter what I sell – should have a digital presence that mirrors my brick-and-mortar location. That means establishing a good-looking website that uses the same colors, style and feel of my physical location. For upcoming aspiring boutique owners or other aspiring entrepreneurs, if your business has not initiated Facebook or Twitter pages, now is the time to get your digital presence in place. My content and inventory should be streamlined across all platforms, therefore Heels and Dresses can currently be found on Posh, Pinterest, Facebook, Instant Gram and Twitter within the next few days. You can take your branding efforts a step further by starting a blog or creating videos and posting them to YouTube. These efforts fortify the “feel” of your business in the marketplace and Heel and Dresses intends to level up their presence in the boutique industry.
Physical Store Atmosphere
Since branding is a form of image marketing, the atmosphere and ambiance in your store is a direct reflection of your boutique. Bright colors, loud music and track lighting contribute to a vibrant, lively atmosphere. But if your boutique sells jewelry, furniture or formal wear, this type of environment may not be ideal. Create an atmosphere that reflects how you want people to fee. I welcome customers to check out not the store location at 921 Hull Street, Suite 5 that possess a warming atmosphere. The Heels and Dresses Facebook group is opened every morning with a motivation of the day, a word of inspiration and occasionally a live video thanking each of my supporters for their business.

Specialty Branding Across All Marketing Collateral

While re-branding Heels and Dresses formerly, Especially for You Thrift and Consignment, I realized that your marketing collateral is critical to the positioning of your business. In addition to the obvious must-haves – business cards and logos– your business must identify the way it is positioned in the retail marketplace. A boutique can successfully create a niche presence by branding itself as a specialty store. Instead me branding Heels and Dresses as a “fashion boutique” on a marketing collateral, I attempted and successfully identified my strengths by branding the boutique more specifically to what fashion styles and trends will continue to be ongoing. So, for that aspiring boutique owner, if your prime demographic is the teen population, try re-branding your boutique as a “trendy fashion” store. Jewelry stores can brand themselves as “engagement ring specialists.” No matter what kind of boutique you operate, you have a specific demographic. Find it and market to it. By aligning to a specific category, and branding across all marketing collateral appropriately, your boutique can significantly increase its position in the market. I continue to strategically position Heels and Dresses within the boutique market and intend to make an impact on women across the globe.

Distinctive Business Name

A business name can either make or break a business. Dull names that focus on the obvious, such a Clothing 4 Less Store, are not compelling in the retail sphere. Think of retailers like Amazon and Target that have unique, memorable names. These retailers do a good job of establishing a creative, memorable business name without being over the top. If your boutique is indistinguishable in the marketplace, take your branding efforts a step further and think about renaming your boutique. I stepped outside the box and while hosting a fashion show back in May it darned on me that I needed to change the name of my boutique and from that thought, Heels and Dresses derived out of Especially for You Thrift and Consignment. One of several best decisions I could have done. Sometimes reinventing the wheel is necessary. As you brainstorm ideas, don’t go too far off the deep end. A name that confuses, sounds ridiculous or needs lengthy explanation are choices best left to New Age rock bands. The ideal business name combines elements of cleverness and distinctiveness with a touch of authority.

Heels and Dresses